“NewScape Studios was forged through the love of storytelling, video games and animation. We aim to provide the highest quality entertainment on new media’s premier platform, YouTube.”

- Cory Crater

About Newscape Studios

Newscape Studios was founded by CEO, Cory Crater, in Portsmouth, NH alongside supervisors K Sherretz, Bri Masse, Joe Jowett and Ryan Stewart. The team moved to Austin, TX where the company now resides and continues growing year after year. Growing without any funding, the once small team now hosts over 40 employees. Focusing on animation, machinima, gaming and live action content, Newscape has over 16 million subscribers across its network and has generated billions of views since 2020. Newscape has a heavy focus on creating high quality content, keeping up with trends and adapting to keep up with YouTube's algorithm. 

Our Team

Cory Crater

Cory is the CEO and owner of Newscape Studios. He began creating content at a young age through machinima and gaming videos. After working for the Seattle based studio, Sky Media, he returned to the east coast to create his own company in 2016. It began as recording gaming videos with friends in his single apartment and has now successfully expanded to a company of over 40 employees in Austin, TX. He voices several characters, including Mr. Cheese, but primarily develops company strategy and plans new projects and ventures as the company grows and evolves.

Kaleb Sherretz

Kaleb or "K" is the Chief Operating Officer and acting creative director of NewScape Studios. His video production career began as a camera operator, but he quickly became infatuated with editing, sound design, and all the work done away from the camera. In his current position, he wears many hats, assisting in writing, directing, producing, editing and everything in between.

Joe Jowett

Joe joined Newscape Studios in 2017, and is now Head Supervisor. He started out as an editor and writer for gaming videos and machinimas. He then served as a director and cameraman for Battle Blasters. He does everything from organizing brand deals to hiring new team members. Joe has helped with such a large variety of tasks he has been deemed a “Joe of all trades.”

Brianna Masse

Bri joined Newscape in 2017 as a graphic designer, voice actor and editor. You may know her from her previous work on the youtube channels - Cheezybreezi and Battle Blasters. She is now manager of merchandise and social media for the company.

Ryan Stewart

Ryan joined NewScape Studios in 2018. Ryan began as a voice actor for NewScapePro Fortnite Shorts, but eventually took the helm as writer and director. He has since passed on those titles, now occasionally writing for GameToons. He voice acts for a plethora of characters across the NewScape Channels, such as Captain and The Gentleman from GameToons, Lawrence from SCP Animated and Midas from Fortnite Shorts. He also casts and directs voice actors for all of our productions and oversees the gaming department alongside Ethan.