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Meet the minds behind Newscape Studios

Newscape Studios was founded by CEO, Cory Crater, in Portsmouth, NH alongside supervisors K Sherretz, Bri Masse, Joe Jowett and Ryan Stewart. The team moved to Austin, TX where the company now resides and continues growing year after year. Growing without any funding, the once small team now hosts over 40 employees. Focusing on animation, machinima, gaming and live action content, Newscape has over 16 million subscribers across its network and has generated billions of views since 2020. Newscape has a heavy focus on creating high quality content, keeping up with trends and adapting to keep up with YouTube's algorithm. 

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Check out Cory Crater’s journey from 7th grade machinima maker to CEO of a 70+...

by Brianna Masse on December 02, 2021